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QSL card Direct
In combination with a minimum donation of  US-$ 3,- or EUR 2,- your QSL card(s) will be sent directly to your address.

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So, if   you  need  it...

I propose to change the terms of the exchange and confirmation QSL.
For more rapid and reliable confirmation of qso and receive qsl cards offer a payment option of postal services through PayPal
  in the amount of $ 5  or 3 eur for an account rd3ay@mail.com
In comments please include call sign and information on the QSO date, time, type of work, RST
on my part to get a guaranteed real qsl card.

Send the your QSL to me do not need

77691 QSOs last up to 18/Feb/2013 12:17Z

only PAYPAL money order and you get my QSl by mail in record time, plus duplication through LotW

To make a donation to the
UN8GV QSL, please click PayPal button below.

 Thank you.

  You will 
duplication through LotW .



US Dollar

Dad, that sending QSL risen again?

- Yes, my son .

- This means that now you'll send fewer cards?

- No, son! This means that you will eat less...

The reply from the manager:

"In response to your request to report that once a month I run a hand in the bag with the envelopes, choose at random 50 QSLs and answer.

And if you again allow yourself a letter in this tone, then your QSL will generally be excluded from the lottery. "


Victor L. Ivanov

     Micro District

       Orbita-3 bild 4  qurt 5

      Almaty, 050043


Виктор Леонидович Иванов

Орбита 3 дом -4 кв-5

Алма-Ата 050043


  mob 7 777 402 81 78

E-mail: un8gv@yandex.ru

Номер ICQ: 177780597

Skype: un8gvic

QTH-локатор: MN83KE

KDA # G-4